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Just a reminder. The Summer Reading Program “Image Your Story” begins May 26th. The program this year will be a lot different.

All programs will be Virtual Programs. This year you can read books that you already have at home or use your library card and read from

Please call the library weekly and tell us the total number of books or pages you have read for the week. Ages birth -8 will count the number of books read. Ages 9-? will count pages.



BEGINNING Monday May 11, the library will be open to the public, with limitations.

6’ distancing will be required

45 Min. computer sessions limited to 1 session per day,
per person.

No group gatherings or meetings inside the library or
conference room. No children cannot be dropped off and left at library.

During this phrase of reopening the library will only be
open to check out books, return books, for copies, faxes
and as stated limited computer sessions.

The Library will not be open to the public as a place for
adults or children to just hang out.

A copy machine will be available for public use in the

As none of us knows what the future holds concerning
the Covid-19 Virus, we can only work to move forward to
a new normal.

You may use Overdrive’s (READS) ‘Instant Digital Card Service’ at no charge through June 30, 2020.
What is the Instant Digital Card Service (IDCS)? This is a way for users who do not have a library card to access the READS service via verification of their cell phone number.
How does it work? When a user accesses the READS site on a computer/laptop or downloads the Libby/OverDrive app, a box will pop up and ask the user if he/she has a card. If the answer is ‘No’ it will prompt the user for a cell phone number. OverDrive will verify the address associated with the cell phone number and if it is within the area covered by the regional system the user’s cell phone number will serve as their library card.
Does this work with a landline number? No. The information OverDrive needs to verify address is not available for landline numbers.
Libraries are still providing you access to books, magazines, audiobooks and video 24 hours a day, seven days a week via TN READS, even if you failed to obtain a library card beforehand.





Story Time
All story times will be cancelled until further notice.